Today’s Tech : The Transmigration Prophecy

January 4, 2011 § 8 Comments

This card is really old, and is restricted to 1 on the banlist.

The Transmigration Prophecy is a trap card that selects 2 cards in either players graveyard and puts them back into the appropriate players deck.

I used to use this card when Card Trooper first came out, for the soul purpose of disrupting my opponents plays and returning cards I dumped with Trooper back into my deck.

I can still remember it was the beginning of the format and the deck to beat was perfect circle which involved Destiny Hero’s like Malicous and Disk Commander, and at this point the only real option was D.D. Crow.

I saw transmigration as a superior card because I was able to disrupt their Malicous or Monster Reborn and add one of the cards from my grave back to the deck like Monster Reborn, or Heavy Storm.

This is still true today, wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to draw Cold Wave twice, not to forget that everyone is playing Ryko’s so you may mill a very important card and with Transmigration you can just send it back to the deck.

If played correctly it will always be a 1 for 1, so tonight throw one into your deck and see how great it is.

Thanks guys, today I would love it if you could post your fave tech cards that don’t see play, thanks.


§ 8 Responses to Today’s Tech : The Transmigration Prophecy

  • LFN says:

    I’m a big fan of Breaker, though he does see moderately more play than the Transmigration Prophecy

    Wattsquirrel is also an underrated card IMO, permanent effect negation is good stuff.

  • Random Yugiohz Player says:

    Transmigration Prophecy should really see more play. I teched it in a zombie deck as a joke against my friend, but I realized how powerful it was when I played his quickdraw plants. Summon debris, target dandylion, then chain transmigration to send dandylion back to the deck. Now he has a debris dragon in attack with nothing to synch with. Its such a pity it doesn’t see more play.

    One of my favorite techs right now is Alector, especially against Gravekeepers. Special and negate necrovalley lets me use cards in my hand my opponent would normally think are dead (debris dragon, monster reborn)

  • Gamer1711 says:

    I find darkworld shackles to be a nice piece of tech since it not.only lowers the monster to 100 attack and def but it also makes it so that the monster can’t attack. And if you dpn’t run the monster over right away you can.burn them for 500 during each of your own standby phases

  • Twisted Keyblade says:

    Worked like magic.

    “Summon Scrap Chimera”
    “Transmigration Prophecy.”

    “Remove from play dandylion to special spore”
    “Transmigration Prophecy”

    “Monster Reborn on ….”
    “Transmigration Prophecy”

    I ❤ this card. I can use Monster reborn & Dark Hole again.

  • Z says:

    lagging it devin

  • irfan khan says:

    my favorite tech is CED it plus 1 synchros and is probably the most versatile card in the game behind BoM

  • Fon Spaak says:

    I have a question, Can Plaguespreader Zombie special summon itself to the field even when Necro Valley is on the field? it should right?

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