Side Deck : Frognarch

December 26, 2010 § 10 Comments

Today I will be starting a new segment where I post up my current side deck with my most recent builds, the important thing is I want you guys to help me consider other cards for difficult match-ups.

15 Cards

3 Swift Scarecrow

Good sidedeck for the Gladiator Beast Match-up, it is very powerful, they don’t see it coming. You can also side this against OTK’s.

3 Cyber Dragon

Good against Gadgets, Antimeta, Blackwings and Gladiators.

3 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World

Only good against Gravekeepers, because Royal Tribute makes a Frognarch player lose there entire hand roughly.

1 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World

Again only good for the Gravekeeper match up

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

For Stall, Gravekeepers, Mask of Restrict, multiple backrows.

1 Pot of Avarice

Its really good in the deck, it is for match up’s that cause more monsters to get into the graveyard. Like slow decks or intense combos.

1 Dark Hole

For the massive summon match-ups. Blackwings, Gadgets, X-Sabers and Plant Synchro.

1 Jinzo

For the stall match-ups as well as Stun, X-Sabers, Gladiators, Gadgets, and any other match ups that play a ridiculous amount of trap cards.

1 Treeborn Frog

Good idea against decks that maindeck options that remove Treeborn from the graveyard, (Gladiators) otherwise game 2 people can sidedeck D.D. Crow’s which usually only have 2, therefore if we put a third Treeborn Frog in the mix it will be our game to lose.

What I am asking of you guys is what else can the Frognarch player side in order to have a stronger match-up against Gravekeepers.

I understand that in all logic the Frognarch Player has a strong match-up against the Gravekeeper because of Light and Darkness Dragon and Caius the Shadow Monarch, however Royal Tribute creates an unfair game state that needs to be banned and addressed.

So please leave a comment and tell me how you guys would defeat Gravekeepers.

Thank you.



§ 10 Responses to Side Deck : Frognarch

  • Random Yugiohz Player says:

    I don’t know how the main deck looks, but I enjoyed running Nobleman of Extermination in FrogNarchs, it was fun hitting all their traps and see it removed

    Something else I ran was Malevolent Catastrophe in the side.
    Yes i know it interferes with treeborn, but that comes from knowing when to set it properly

    There’s always sidedecked Mobius to destroy backrow

    Personally do not like Broww or Jinzo since they don’t give initial pluses.
    Yes Goldd is the same thing, but at least you can side those against gravekeepers and sabers (though I would still have only two in side)

  • mike says:

    goldd? if its really to mess with gravekeepers, why not just run reign beaux altogether? reign beaux is better although goldd is a less dead card in the hand…

  • LightGrunty says:

    Why not run Gemini Imps so that you actually negate the Royal Tribute? You keep your hand and draw a card.

    And Goldd can get killed by Starlight Road, so that’s something to consider. Reign-Beaux might be better anyway, since it has the ability to get around Starlight Road, assuming that your opponent has exactly one Monster on the field.

  • LFN says:

    Side backrow hate to nuke Necrovalley’s instead of Goldds lol. Or as mentioned at least make them gemini imps 😛

    For gb’s I side a Jinzo, Cyber Dragon, trunade, and two NoE, I’m not too fond of swift scarecrow tbh

  • Twisted Keyblade says:

    Post something new foo! lol

  • Z says:

    lagging it devin

  • cjtko70 says:

    What do you usually take out to side in Swift Scarecrow

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