How To Beat : Cloudians

December 21, 2010 § 3 Comments

Hey guys,

yesterday I posted a rough idea of how the new Cloudian builds work. To recap Cloudians want to spam the field with level 1 Smoke Balls and syncing it together with Fishborg Blaster, to draw cards with Formula Synchron.

Then creating larger synchros with Storm Dragon and Formula Synchron, eventually you are able to special summon Archlord Kristya. This puts the opponent in a very good position and if not they will attack for game on that turn.

Lets discuss cards you will already be side decking and at what opportunitys you would be able to use them.

The first being Effect Veiler, you will have to use this card when your opponent summons Cloudian – Turbulance this will stop the hole loop from happening, and hopefully slow them down for another turn.

The other obvious card that can be used to slow or stop them completely is D.D. Crow, since removing Fishborg Blaster from the graveyard will completely shut down all of their combo’s. Also try and time it correctly like after the opponent has discarded a card for its cost.

Other than side decking it is also helpful to understand that attacking their facedown monsters may not work in your favor since if it is a Skreech then all you would be accomplishing is helping the opponent gather the components of the OTK (Fishborg Blaster and Cloudian – Turbulance) remember they can get Turbulance back from the graveyard with Salvage.

Speaking on this note since we are begining to side Nobleman of the Crossout it may come in handy for this match-up since the opponent will be setting Fishborg and Skreech until they learn of you siding Crossout.

I hope you guys found this helpful and for those of you that have seen this deck at your locals or regionals can you leave side deck choices you have begun to sidedeck against them.

Also how competitive do you find this deck because at first glance it looks ridiculous but after reviewing and testing I have seen the potential of this deck.

See you later!


§ 3 Responses to How To Beat : Cloudians

  • Twisted Keyblade says:

    DD crow and Effect Veiler STOP everything. lol

    Whats your take on a Gigavise build?
    I know it’s slow and not as fast as it used to be.
    Could you point out any tips techs to speed things up with that deck? ^^: Thank you.

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