New Threat : Cloudian OTK

December 20, 2010 § 6 Comments

Recently there has been a lot of talk about this emerging deck, it is similar deck to Frog FTK, however it takes about 2 turns to set up.

I will jot down a list of the cards that are used and give you guys a brief understanding of what the deck does.

Cloudian – Smoke Ball
Cloudian – Turbulance
Cloudian – Storm Dragon
Fishborg Blaster
Archlord Kristia     

Cloudian - Smoke Ball

To young to smoke!

Golden Sarco
Pot of Duality
Moray of Greed
White Elephants Gift
Fog Control

That is basically the main cards being used by the newest versions of Cloudian Decks.

How it works, you have to draw and summon Turbulance he will get a counter. Then you can bring out a smoke ball from your deck or graveyard.

You then proceed to either abuse Fishborg creating formula synchrons, or using the smoke ball with Fog Control to generate more counters or White Elephants Gift to draw more cards.

Then you play Cloudian – Storm Dragon to get more tokens and sychro it to the formula synchron.

If you can see what is happening here you understand what the deck is doing.

You will be using Skreech to send Turbulance and Fishborg to the grave and you are able to retrive turbulance with Salvage.

So I suggest you guys try building one of your own and see how it works out, it is quite impressive and it will start turning up at a majority of events so be prepared.

If you guys have noticed any competitive unique decks at any of your locals, why not leave a brief discription of the deck in the comments so we can prepare for it. Also if I like some of the decks perhaps I will post a build of my own or just give you my opinion.

I will also post up some of my ideas on how to combat this new deck type.

Thanks for reading see you guys later.


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